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Welcome To Top Hat Traffic

Making money online starts with matching the right offer with the right traffic.

I have been doing just that for years and now I am sharing that formula with you.

We have buyer-ready traffic AND the hottest converting offers.


Dale Lynn

We deliver opportunity-seeking traffic that is:

Pre-Qualified – Only the freshest hungry leads will see your offer.

Responsive – We deliver quality traffic that CONVERTS. (read the reviews).

Unsaturated – Our prequalified leads come from your choice of email subscribers and fresh funnel traffic. 

Scalable – We can send anywhere from 100 - 50,000 clicks to your offers.

We also provide FREE sales funnel/list-building and offers consultation with each order.

"I personally guarantee that you will receive 100% buyer-ready leads at the best possible price."  - Dale Lynn

Our proprietary Bot-Filter ensures you get only prequalified human eyes on your offer.

Easily build your email list and make sales with predictable, fast, and scalable traffic. 

 Breakthrough Bonuses!

Free 30-minute Skype consultation

Top Hat Traffic always makes sure you get the quality clicks you ordered, plus an extra 10% because that's just what we do. Returning customers get even more!

Is your landing page underperforming? We can help you fix it! 
Can your sales page be improved? Load speed is crucial!

Need an email follow-up sequence critique? 
Are you using the latest traffic conversion technology on your pages? Most people are not!

How do your pages look on mobile, tablet, and desktop? 
Are you losing leads & sales because your pages are not responsive and cross-device compatible?
We will be happy to review your campaign with you and offer any suggestions we can to help you attain your goals and objectives. 

Minimum 10% Over-Delivery

Risk Free Guarantee 

You can place your order 24/7. Once we receive your order we normally start delivering traffic within 24 hours.

You may cancel your order any time before the start of your traffic order.

We guarantee you have an opt-in rate on your landing page of 30% or higher, or we will continue sending traffic until we make it right. For example, if you buy 1000 clicks, we guarantee you will collect at least 333 opt-ins. 
In order to qualify for this Risk-Free Guarantee, we will have to analyze your landing page to make sure it is eligible.
If for some reason it is not eligible, we will work with you to build a new landing page for free that will qualify for this guarantee. (300 Clicks minimum order)

Nobody else can make that guarantee!

Select From The Options Below:

100% Tier-1
New Lead Clicks

Starts at only $0.59 per unique click
(Free 10% over-delivery)

2500 T1 Only Clicks - $1,475

(Just 59¢ a Click!)

1000 T1 Only Clicks - $600

(Just 60¢ a Click!)

500 T1 Only Clicks - $305

(Just 61¢ a Click!)

300 T1 Only Clicks - $189

(Just 63¢ a Click!)

200 T1 Only Clicks - $128

(Just 64¢ a Click!)

100 T1 Only Clicks - $65

(Just 65¢ a Click!)

80% Tier-1
New Leads Clicks 

Starts at only 40 cents per unique click
(Free 10% over-delivery)

2500 Clicks - $1000

(Just 40¢ a Click!)

1000 Clicks - $450

(Just 45¢ a Click!)

500 Clicks - $250

(Just 50¢ a Click!)

300 Clicks - $159

(Just 53¢ a Click!)

200 Clicks - $108

(Just 54¢ a Click!)

100 Clicks - $55

(Just 55¢ a Click!)

1000 Unique Clicks - $400

(Just 40¢ a Click!)

500 Unique Clicks - $225

(Just 45¢ a Click!)

300 Unique Clicks - $141

(Just 47¢ a Click!)

200 Unique Clicks - $96

(Just 48¢ a Click!)

100 Unique Clicks - $50

(Just 50¢ a Click!)

2000 Unique Clicks - $700

(Just 35¢ a Click!)

Quality Clicks

80% or Higher Tier-1 Traffic
Starts at only 35 cents per click

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Tier 1 Traffic?
Tier 1 Traffic is human website visitors from The United States, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Ireland. Tier 1 Countries are predominately English-speaking countries. They also have the best economies and educational systems, and therefore are most likely to be more valuable to you.

What Are Mobile Clicks Vs Desktop Clicks?

Mobile Clicks are people who are on their mobile phones when they click an ad that opens your website or landing page. Desktop Clicks are going to people on PC's or Laptops.

What Are Solo Ad Clicks Vs Funnel Clicks And Which Do You Provide?
Solo Ad Clicks are email subscribers who click through to your website or landing page through an email ad. Funnel Clicks are people who click through to your website or landing page through one of our landing page links. 

What Is Your Refund Policy?
If for some reason you decide to cancel your order with us, we will refund your purchase so long as it is prior to us actually starting your campaign.
Are Your Testimonials Recent?
Yes, we update our testimonials as they come in. We would love to add yours! 

If your traffic is so good, why isn't it more expensive?
Without giving away any trade secrets, think in terms of companies like Priceline who can sell $200 hotel rooms for $100.  Likewise, we have enormous amounts of buyer-ready traffic that we can access. This means you will always receive the same high-quality clicks at a discounted price.

We strive to consistantly provide the results our customers have come to expect. 

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